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About Our Coffee

Ethiopia Is One Of The Most Highly-Regarded Locations For Coffee Production In The Entire World. Known For Its Bright Fruited And Floral Flavors, Ethiopian Coffee Is Steeped (No Pun Intended) In Rich Cultural Traditions. Including Local Coffee Ceremonies. Ethiopia’s Rich Soil, Elevation, Rain And Lush Vegetation Make For Prime Growing Conditions. This Means That Most Ethiopian Coffee Is Grown Without The Use Of Chemicals, Organic.

Gobez Partners Exclusively With The OCFCU (Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union), Which Is The Largest Farmers Union In Ethiopia. The OCFCU, Which Controls Over 70% Of The Coffee Production In Ethiopia, Prioritizes Quality, Traditional, And Responsible Farming Practices Above All Else.

We Are Proud To Align With The OCFCU To Provide American Coffee Drinkers And Roasters With Reliable Beans Provided Exclusively By The Kings Of Caffeine. Here you can find Best American Coffee.

Gobez Coffee’s Founder

Many of Gobez Coffee’s principles are based on the founder’s approach to sourcing coffee. Malicha Dida is the founder and CEO of Gobez Coffee and a native Ethiopian with a passion for world-class coffee. His Ethiopian roots mean he has unprecedented access to Ethiopia’s best coffee producers and growers. As an Ethiopian-American, Malicha understands the flavor preferences of North American consumers. In his quest to provide the depth and flavor of Ethiopia’s coffee to American consumers, he launched Gobez Coffee.
Gobez Coffee aims to develop close relationships with authentic Ethiopian organic coffee farmers, export their finest crops to America, and provide a consistent income stream for these farmers.

Value Propositions

What Makes Your Brand Unique & Memorable
  • World-Leading Flavor And Quality

    Ethiopia Is Considered To Be The Birthplace Of Coffee And Is Currently One Of The Leading Producers Of Coffee Around The World.
  • Support Local Farmers

    The OCFCU Is Committed To Improving The Lives Of Farmers Throughout Ethiopia.
  • Fair Trade & Organic Certified

    All Coffee Under The OCFCU Is Fair Trade Certified And Organic.
  • Responsible Farming

    Ethiopia’s Natural Farming Conditions Minimize The Need For Chemicals Or Artificial Farming Practice
  • Coffee Variety

    We Provide A Wide Variety Of High-Quality, Traceable Coffee Including Washed & Natural Beans With Differing Grades.


It is our mission to connect you with the highest quality organic coffee, straight from its birthplace.


Incorporating the enchanting fragrance, daring tastes, and profound cultural customs of genuine Ethiopian coffee into each cup of coffee, as we pay tribute to the individuals responsible for the coffee beans.


To supply small and mid-level roasters with top-grade Ethiopian green coffee beans, enabling roasters to provide unmatched flavor in their selections while ensuring sustainable income for our Ethiopian farmers.