Hotline Number

+1-847-454 3797


Coffee The Way It Should Be

Grown In Complex Climates, At High Elevation And Fertile Soils, Our Coffees Are The Original Arabica First Discovered At Iconic Spot Choche, Oromia, Ethiopia By The Goat Herder Kaldi


A Certified Commitment To Quality

Our Standing In The International Coffee Market Is Strong, With Eight Certificates Awarded To Our Union For The Work We Do To Protect The Environment, Cultivate Organic Coffee, Support Fair Trade, And Promote Traceability. Centuries Ago

Responsible & Sustainable

Not Only Are We Engaged In Environmental Awareness To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint, But Our Union Also Benefits About 3 Million Households With More Than 100 Sustainable, Productive Projects

Coffee That Cares

A Production System That Puts Its Farmers First, Making Sure That Our Farmers Earn 70% Of All Sales To Ensure The Sustainability


Our Passion For Coffee

We Are Gobez  Coffee, The N American arm of Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, And It’s Our Mission To Connect You With The Highest Quality Organic Coffee, Straight From Its Birthplace

Traceable & Reliable

Our Coffees Are Directly Traceable To The Farms Of Our Half-Million Member-Producers, Who Cultivate This Coffee, To Deliver You Unparalleled Quality And Consistent Quantity That Others Simply Cannot.