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We believe Ethiopian coffee is far more than a drink or business opportunity. It is a culture, a way of life, and an ecosystem that must be preserved.

We believe their preservation is in the hands of Ethiopia’s coffee harvesters and forest keepers.

They are the guardians of the authentic genetic bank of this coffee; the men and women who call this ecosystem home and live in commune with it, every day. But they are being exploited by the industry and unable to make a living, so they have no choice but to cut the forests for cash crops.

We believe investing in the harvesters and forest keepers by bringing them closer to small and mid-size roasters across the world can have the biggest impact in keeping the birthplace of Coffee Arabica alive.

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Delicious Coffee

We believe nothing can match coffee that comes straight from the unique habitats where it’s been growing in its purest form for centuries, through a natural alchemy of soil, temperature, altitude, and moisture.

That’s the way coffee was born to be and taste. Everything else is an imitation.

We believe nowhere does coffee grow more naturally than in the Afromontane regions of Ethiopia – the birthplace of Coffee Arabica – and its Wild Forests, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Unfortunately, current industry practices are putting this entire ecosystem – and hundreds of the most natural and rare varieties of coffee – at risk of extinction.

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