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Guji Region

Guji is one of the Oromia regional zone found in the south of Ethiopia. Coffees from Guji have evident Ethiopian cup characteristics; the profile is more chocolate-spice forward than the high-toned, fruity Sidama and Yirgacheffe coffees. This character makes Guji coffees a perfect option for espresso roasts or blends.

In the last few years, coffees from Guji have become buyers and roasters favourites.


Coffee Characteristics

Washed Guji can be everything from bright, citrusy and tea-like, to wild, jammy with a lot of depth and layers of fruit. It is not uncommon to find funky coffees reminiscent of well-processed honey.

The naturals produced in the higher altitudes stand out with so much brightness and structure combined with complex fruit and candy-like flavours. In other words, lose any preconceived notions, cup with an open mind, and check out our Guji Coffee.