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Harrar Region

Harar is located in the easternmost of the coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia. A vast region with huge deserts. Coffee grows only in the highlands. Most of the people practice Islam and Oromo speaking. In recent decades, Harrar has witnessed the encroachment of chat, a tough, leafy bush that grows well in Harrar. When chewed, the leaves act as a mild opiate.

It poses a particular problem since it grows well in the same areas as coffee, and chat prices are usually much higher than what farmers can get for coffee on the commodities market.


Coffee Characteristics

All coffees from Harrar are sun-dried natural or unwashed Several heirloom varietals that grow specifically in this region interact well with the altitude, climate, and soil type to produce unique flavor profiles.

Quality Harrar coffees are notable for their fruity characteristic and creamy body.

The finest Harrar coffees have a distinct note of blueberry, though many other fruity and fruit-like aromatic flavours can occur.

One kind of differentiated coffee that comes out of the Harrar area is the “amber bean” or “golden bean coffee.” The reference here is to the appearance of the milled, unroasted coffee, which is yellowish/amber in colour. The “naturally occurring” amber bean coffee often has an excellent, vibrant blueberry flavour.

Harrar coffee is exported worldwide, but there is a particular demand for it in Saudi Arabia. This constant demand tends to keep commercial-grade Harrar coffee price slightly higher than most other Ethiopian coffee regions.

Harrar coffee — is available in specialty grade and commercial grade.