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Origin: Sidama

The strength of Sidamo lies in the variety it offers which often results in a profound complexity of tastes. Quality Sidama coffee in united states.

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Sidama Region

Sidama is in southern Ethiopia encompasses many areas, including Yirgacheffe, which classified as its separate origin.

Because some of the coffees grown in central-southern Ethiopian regions, right along the border with Sidama, share more characteristics with classic Sidama coffee are grouped with Sidama and then use the specific town names and micro-origins for precision.

Geography and Culture

The coffee-growing regions of Sidama lie in the famous Great Rift Valley that runs through Ethiopia and Kenya. The countryside is generally lush and green, primarily rural, and densely populated nonetheless.

Several large fresh-water lakes dot the terrain, running in a long chain through the valley. Most of the coffee grows here.

The dominant tribes are the Sidama and the Oromo, though many other tribes present as well.


Coffee Characteristics

Sidama features a wide variety of coffee flavours. Many different grades of both washed and unwashed coffees produced. There are striking differences from area to area due to Varying soil types, microclimates, and countless heirloom coffee tree varietals. It isn’t easy to make any single description of Sidama coffees without immediately encountering another coffee that fits an entirely different profile. Generally speaking, the strength of Sidama lies in its variety.

One feature of excellent Sidama coffee is often a profound complexity. That derives from the many different heirloom varietals. Many Farmers and pickers with a tiny patch of land, often with their unique varietals, contribute to this pool. The resulting “blend” is a unique expression of the complexity of the horticulture in the surrounding area.

High-grade unwashed Sidama coffees are known for their intense fruity characteristics. Another striking aspect of Sidama coffees is that even the washed coffees often retain a salient fruity feature while having much more clarity and brightness than their unwashed counterparts.

Excellent coffees of many different profiles can be found in all corners of Sidama.