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Best coffee origin in United States: History and Farming

A ton of people from every country of the world love to drink coffee at any time of the day. A survey says that over two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. Every culture of this universe gained to have coffee in their tradition and daily routine. The United States also falls in the same category. Keep scrolling through the article to explore more about the best coffee origin in United States and the history of the affluent coffee industry of this country.

History of coffee in the United States

In the middle of the 17th century, coffee was first brought to America by the British. In the early days, tea was more popular than coffee, but after the Boston Tea Party of 1773, coffee became far more popular than tea. It was considered that true patriots drank coffee.

During the civil war in April of 1861, coffee gained much more popularity. It was affordable, didn’t spoil so easily, and the most important fact was it was liked by the soldiers. These factors made coffee popular among the soldiers ever after the end of the war; when life was back to normal, coffee’s popularity had the same as before.

Factors You Need to Know about Coffee Plants in the United States

If you are interested in coffee plantations in USA, then you must know some common factors, which are as follows:

• Coffee can grow in countries which are located near the equator.
• Almost 70 countries produce coffee, and the United States is one of them. California, territories of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, produce much of the whole United States of America production. So, you can find the best coffee origin in United States.

Where is Coffee Grown in the United States of America?

Coffee can mostly be grown in two places in the United States. The first one is Hawaii, and the second one is Puerto Rico. In the United States, people of America can’t live without coffee.

As a tropical crop, coffee needs heavy rainfall and medium temperature to grow. And California looks suitable for that. But the problem is about rainfall. Coffee needs 40 to 60 inches of rainfall yearly, while California gets 15-30 inches yearly. But America has economic advantages. That's why they come into the top ten countries that make the most coffee. Follow the below section to know the details about coffee farming in USA.

Best Coffee Origin in United States: Places of Farming

As we already know that the history of coffee is popular for the craze during the civil war and it is the same till now. Research says that Hawaii produced 5.12 million pounds of coffee in 2020. According to the Hawaii States of Agriculture, in 2020, the value of the whole crop of States was nearly about $54.3 million. Here is a general overview of farming coffee in the United States of America

• Hawaii

Hawaii has the most expensive coffee for its production process. Hawaii is a land of volcanoes, so it has black soil in which coffee blooms beautifully.

a. Hawaii produces coffee almost the whole year, but the main season starts after summer.
b. In 7000 acres of Hawaii, Coffee is produced every year.
c. Kona is the most expensive coffee produced in Hawaii. This name coffee came from a district named Kona in Hawaii. This type of coffee is filled with a fruity taste and has a nutty note.
d. The climate of Hawaii can produce the best coffee in the world. It also has fertile land and volcanic soil.

• Puerto Rico

In the 19 th century, Puerto Rico was considered the sixth-largest coffee maker in the world. During hurricanes and climate change, the amount of coffee produced has decreased, but still, it holds the position for producing high-quality arabica beans.

a. Arabica, Typica, Catimor, Pacas and Bourbon are the most popular types of coffee produced in Puerto Rico on a large scale.
b. Puerto Rico has the proper climate for harvesting coffee. The average temperature is 28° c which is ideal for growing coffee. In this climate condition, you can get the best coffee origin in United States.
c. The soil of Puerto Rico is also fertile, which is suitable for producing coffee.

• California

California is famous for the local coffee-growing culture in America.

a. There are more than 100 California farms with almost 100,000 coffee trees in the Central and Southern parts of California.
b. In Santa Barbara and San Diego areas, there are more than 30,000 coffee trees.
c. In southern California, the coffee plantation is more popular. You can get the best coffee from California.


The United States of America leads in importing coffee. According to research, Americans drank 327.4 cups of coffee per capita in 2020. Considering this fact, you may already get the idea of the popularity of coffee in the United States of America. There are different places in USA that produce huge amounts of coffee, which is why the coffee industry is quite strong here.

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