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An Inclusive Guide To Help You Identify The Best American Coffee Variants

Most Americans drink coffee almost every day. But the days of having over-roasted beans or instant coffee are long past. These days, the average coffee drinkers are well aware of the details of coffee than ever before and therefore they often select the best quality beans, which can be found.

Choosing high-quality coffee beans allow the drinkers to enter the growing market and pick premium quality and memorable products. So, when you select the best quality coffee beans, you don’t only select the superior ingredients, you show others that you value the quality of the products above everything.

What are the regional differences in coffee?

There is no specific rule about regional differences in coffee, but some varieties of coffee are sometimes more prevalent in several geographic locations than others. Besides, the processing methods are also similar within a specific region so that generalizations can be made. In other terms, while all the coffee variants in Central America don’t taste the same, different variants from different parts of Central America are more similar compared to the coffee variants available on the other side of the ocean.
In the USA, people drink loads of coffee from South and Central America, only because the geographic proximity of these areas makes it convenient to import. If we need to generalize, these coffee variants are medium-bodied, classic coffees, which we are used to unlike the brighter coffee variants of Africa. When it comes to flavors, these coffees are mainly associated with nut, cocoa, and spice notes. Here are some more details in this regard:

1. Coffee from South America: When you move toward South America, you will find beans with a wider profile of flavor, but the avid coffee drinkers are usually most well-versed in the Colombian beans, which is one of the leading coffee-producing countries in this world. So, the beans you will find here have a well-rounded and even taste, and they have moderate sweetness and acidity, and a full to medium body. This is one type of coffee that we are habituated to drinking.  And purchasing green coffee beans let you roast them according to the specifications and bring out the natural complexity and best flavors.

2. Coffee from Central America: In the case of the best American coffee in Central America, the acidity of the beans often varies, but the coffee beans from this region are well known for their perfect balance, which make them perfect for people, who are just beginner coffee drinkers. Not too acidic, not too bitter, these beans have fairly smooth flavors almost like chocolate. So, if you visit Mexico, you will find lighter variants of coffee, but if you visit Costa Rica, you will get heavier-bodied coffee beans. But if you are a new coffee drinker, learning how to select the best quality coffee beans to purchase can be an overwhelming decision. So, to help you out, here is a list of the four ways through which you can differentiate the green coffee beans of different regions.

 Altitude: Usually, the average temperature often varies based on the elevation of the areas where coffee is grown. This is why coffee beans grown in the higher altitudes have more complex taste profiles as they grow very slowly. As per the rules, beans that are grown in higher altitudes have more sweetness, better acidity, and complex flavors.

 Origin: The country of origin of the coffee beans has a great impact on their quality and taste. Here factors like humidity, soil composition, and climate play major roles in the final taste profile of these beans. Although every roaster has different opinions about the best coffee origins, there is no right origin for the best quality beans. But every location has some different characteristics. For instance, South and Central American coffee beans are sweet and clean whereas African beans are fruit-forward and complex, and the Asian beans generally feature earthy flavors.

 Variety: Robusta and Arabica are two dominant varieties of coffee and they can’t be interchanged. Cost-effective Robusta beans grow in the lower altitudes and they have twice more caffeine compared to the Arabica beans. But still, coffee lovers consider that the quality of the Arabica variants is better than Robusta. Arabica variants are well known for the broad range of scents and a smooth taste. Therefore, they are quite expensive.

 Processing: Across all the industries, coffee beans are the ones, which can be processed commonly by using methods like washed or natural processing. In the case of the former, the fruits are removed before drying the beans and it offers the beans a more acidic and cleaner flavor. On the contrary, in the case of natural processing, the coffee cherries are dried before removing the outer layer of the fruit. This technique helps offer the beans a fruitier, sweeter taste.

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