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Authentic Ethiopian coffee: A Comprehensive Overview

Coffee is one of the favourite beverages for a lot of people across the globe. You might also be one of those who really love to have coffee. In fact, you can have some coffee at any point of time in the day. There are a lot of positive factors and aspects that you will get while you will have coffee. This is also one of the most energetic drinks as well. Before you have coffee, you might have a curiosity to know a bit of detail about this world-famous beverage, especially about some Authentic Ethiopian coffee.

Overview of Authentic Ethiopian coffee

Coffee is the bean of a tree, known as coffee. Before having that, there are some processes that will be there after the collection of these beans. Roasting the beans is one of the most important parts of making those beans perfect for having. Also, grounding of these beans will also be there to have some perfect texture and flavour of those beans.

Ethiopia is the country to originate this particular beverage, and that is why it is quite natural that the coffee beans of this country will have some perfect quality. In fact, it is to be said that if you want to taste the original flavour of coffee, then it will be from this place. That is why it is too important to know the details of the coffee from this particular country.

Perfect Ethiopian Coffee: Know the Regions

Before you proceed with this one, you need to know the taste of it. It will taste a bit floral and with a flavour of the fruit. Also, it will have a bright taste with a light-medium body. So, it will basically taste a bit complex. That is why choosing the perfect one for you might be a bit tough as well.

While you will look for the perfect Authentic Ethiopian coffee to buy, then you need to keep all these factors in your mind. Not only that, but you will also need to know the textures of coffee from different regions. There are generally three types of coffee based on the region. Along with the regions, the texture, taste, and flavour will also change for these coffee beans.

 Sidamo: This region produces full-bodied coffee and will be crisp and citrusy as well. Ideally, these beans are from the Rift valley of Ethiopia. This is one of the most important coffee regions in this country.
 Yirgacheffe: This is also from the region of Sidamo. Still, it has a lot of differences in taste, texture, and flavour. This is comparatively a high-quality coffee that you or one will be getting from this region. That is why this one has become a micro-region. The coffee from this region will be a lot bright and floral in taste. Also, these will have the texture of a light-to-medium body.
 Harrar: This is more of a heavy-bodied coffee, and there will be a fruity flavour in this type of coffee. Along with that, there will be an intense flavour as well on this coffee. This coffee is from the eastern part of the country, and it is a naturally processed coffee that you will be getting to have.
 Sidamo Guji: Though there are three main regions for some perfect Ethiopian coffee, you still need to know about this region as well. The coffee you will get from this region will be more taste like tea, and there will be a more floral flavour. This is the southern region of Sidamo.

How To Process Ethiopian coffee?

There are two basic steps to processing Authentic Ethiopian coffee to make it perfect for brewing:

The first one is the natural or dry process. In this process, the beans will be spread under the sun to get dried. Also, there will be some other fruits as well, which will give that a bit more flavour. This type of coffee bean will also have some flavour of earthiness as well.

The other one is known as wet processing. In this process, the beans will get washed or wet. Due to that, everything will be removed from the bean. Then, there will be a fermentation process for those beans. After that, there will be cleaning, sorting, and drying as well. This will bring even more clarity to the flavour with a bright and complex note.


With these details, you have already got some ideas about the basics of Authentic Ethiopian coffee. You have got to know all the regions, processing, and flavours of this coffee. So, you need to understand this one perfectly. Then it will help you to choose the perfect type of Ethiopian coffee beans. Once you are able to choose that, that will really make your coffee time even far better. You will also be able to enjoy the most specific and authentic coffee yourself.

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