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Few Things You Should Know Before Buying The Best Sidama And The Best Organic Yirgacheffee Coffee In USA

Ethiopia, which is said to be the birthplace of coffee, is revered for the beans. This place produces some of the best quality single-origin coffees in this world. Ethiopian coffee beans are well known for their fruity and floral tasting notes. But a dark roast can mute all these flavors. This is why it is important to roast this coffee medium or light. These roasts successfully highlight the inherent characteristics of the beans instead of covering up them.

What to expect from the Ethiopian coffee beans?

As mentioned earlier, Ethiopian coffee beans are known for their bright floral and fruited flavors. These coffee beans have light to medium bodies, higher acidity, and complex flavor notes. Usually, these beans are naturally processed or washed. Here the used processing method has a huge impact on the ultimate taste of the coffee. When these beans are washed or wet-processed, the fruit is mechanically removed right away. These beans are often characterized by the clarity in flavor as they showcase complex yet bright notes. So, the final cup tastes very clean.

Here the coffee beans are processed naturally and they are dried with the fruit left on the bean. And the fruit pulps are not removed until they are exported. The majority of the coffee beans from Ethiopia are naturally processed. And the process has not changed much in years. On the contrary, wet processing is a comparatively new method and the process keeps on changing depending on the use of new equipment.

Now let’s have a look at the popular variants of Ethiopian coffee:

1. Yirgacheffe: Although this is a region in Sidamo, it has a different recognition for producing sensational coffees consistently. While Sidamo coffees are full-bodied, these coffees are mainly medium-bodied. This coffee is also bright and has a more complex flavor. What makes this coffee different are its pleasant and lingering aftertaste and the aromatic, flowery notes. Now, if you are planning to buy the best organic Yirgacheffee coffee in USA, then here are the important things you must check.

  • This is one of the best-seller coffees in the USA
  • It is known for the flowery taste and soft fragrant
  • It has a light-medium roast
  • These beans are processed wet, which means these beans are processed with the fleshy pulp around the bean for 72 hours. As a result, the final roasted beans become more acidic and they have a floral and cleaner taste. Besides, this also offers an earthy taste to the brewed coffee.
  • This coffee has a smooth, rich, and sweet body.

2. Sidamo: It is a province in the southeast part of Ethiopia. The rainfall, terroir-high altitude, quality of the soil, and temperature contribute to the best quality beans produced here. As a result, Sidamo coffees are well known for their citrus and floral notes. Besides, they also have a distinct acidity and full body. Now, if you are planning to buy organic fully washed Sidama G2 coffee USA, then here are the important things you must check.

  • These beans are fully chemical-free. No herbicides or pesticides are used on the plants and no chemicals are used while processing or roasting the beans.
  • The beans of this coffee are cultivated and sold with socially responsible practices.
  • These beans offer bright floral-like aromas and flavors
  • These beans offer smooth and medium roast
  • They create a light-bodied taste on your palate over time
  • The popular flavors include wine and spicy flavors
  • These berries are dry-processed. This means that here the beans are stripped of first the fleshy pulp and therefore they are processed. This ensures that the coffee features lower acidity.

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