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Important Knowledge About Sidama Coffee Profile Before You Choose It

Ethiopian coffee beans are considered to be one of the best coffee beans in this world. The pronounced flavor profiles of these beans make it simple for even the numbest of the tongue to enjoy the hints of citrus fruit, the flavors and notes of blueberry, and the undertones of nuts. And while is recognized universally that Ethiopian coffees are bombs; the reasons are not discussed often. Considering this thing, we will dig deep into the details of Ethiopian coffees and offer you some effective reasons why people prefer these coffees so much.
Sidama is one of the best-produced coffees in the Ethiopian region. Sidama coffee is known as a flavored, organic, and finely processed variant of Arabica coffee, which is around 95% washed and is mainly grown in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. These beans are mainly harvested in the high-altitude areas of Ethiopia and they take a long time to mature that allowing the beans and plants to absorb more amounts of nutrients from the fertile soil of this place. As a result, the beans develop exotic and unique flavors, which are only available in these mountains. And with the features like rich flavor, value perfection, and the beautiful art of roasting, these beans have won a bronze medal at the Golden Bean Awards. We are sure that this fact will blow you away.

But if you are thinking of switching to this aromatic coffee, we can tell you that when you will have this coffee once, you will want to taste it again and again for experiencing the heavenly rich taste and feel. Now let’s have a look at some nitty-gritty details of this coffee variant.

The unique features of Sidama coffee:

The Sidama area of Ethiopia is well known for the “mixed heirloom” and complex flavored Arabica coffee. These beans are mainly cultivated by the farmers on some small lands and therefore the cherries are brought together at the processing sites. This area offers a lot more things than the unique blend of coffee tastes.

Processing of Sidama coffee:

Growing in a high elevation makes Sidama coffee profile one of the “Strictly High Grown” beans. Beans grown in this region are generally wet-processed or washed. Apart from that, natural or dry processing is also common for offering an exceptional product. Therefore, these beans are known for their citrus and wild aromatics, floral and fruity notes, and complex acidity. Cultivated on small farms, these cherries are always sorted carefully and therefore they are placed on raised beds for 2-3 weeks before the beans are removed. The ripening procedure of coffee cherries is performed slowly and at less temperature compared to other areas of Ethiopia. Moreover, the harvesting season of this coffee is later than other coffees in Ethiopia. And this leads the Sidama coffee cherries to adopt a fruity, acidic fragrance, unique features, quality, and a sweet flavor. The popular flavor notes of Sidama coffee are blackberries and chocolate ganache with a juicy and comprehensive texture and a berry-forward fragrance.

How to prepare the perfect Sidama coffee at home?

Preparing a cup of Sidama coffee is a long journey that continues from washing to grinding beans. So, if you want to make this coffee at home, here are the steps you need to follow:
 Start with washing the beans in cold water.
 Pick the beans through just the way you would do with any other beans, removing all the awkward-looking specimens.
 Pour the extra water off and then roast the beans in a pan over medium-low or medium flame, until the beans start popping and take a dark brown shade
 Stir the beans by shaking the pan constantly or with a wooden skewer. Don’t put the beans in a nonstick pan.
 The moisture will steam off first. After that, the pan would dry out and the beans soon start to convert into a golden brown shade. Continue stirring the beans until they become golden brown and start to pop.
 The next step is to grind the beans and brew them normally.
 Prepare coffee with these brewed beans. When you will pour the coffee, always do it from a high distance, around 8 inches. This is an age-old process that can help you to prepare a beautiful stream of black coffee into the cup.

How healthy is drinking Sidama coffee?

Drinking Sidama coffee is a healthy option as it has a good amount of calories and proteins along with zero sugar. Although this coffee has a sweet taste, it is free from sugar. It makes this coffee perfect for health-conscious people. This coffee also includes a moderate content of caffeine that is ideal for people with low caffeine tolerance. But it is necessary to keep an eye on the limit of consumption as this drink includes caffeine that can potentially result in some adverse effects when over consumed.

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