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What You Want To Know About The Organic Sidama Origin Coffee in USA

Harvested in the Ethiopian Sidama region, Sidama coffee, also known as Sidamo is a flavored, finely processed, organic Arabica coffee. Being complex yet smooth and well-balanced, the Sidamo beans represent the best features of African coffee. Being one of the finest coffee variations in this world, Sidamo coffees are often enjoyed both iced and hot and they are worth seeking out. So, if you value the art of roasting, rich flavor, and perfection in coffee, then the organic Sidama origin coffee in USA will blow your mind. This coffee variant is known for the blackberry and chocolate ganache flavor notes along with a juicy, comprehensive texture and a
berry-forward fragrance.

But if you are a first-time user of this coffee, you must have many questions about it. But there is a sure thing that when you will drink it, you will want to have it again to enjoy the heavenly rich taste.

Sidamo coffee is perfect for both French Press and espresso. But this coffee can be overpowered by using too much milk. Therefore, you should hold off on using this coffee for a cappuccino or latte. Besides, there is no need to add much sugar to the coffee because of the natural sweetness of these beans. Depending on your preference, you may find this coffee sweet enough to completely pass up the sugar.

Now let’s have a look at some nitty-gritty details about this coffee to enjoy it fully:

Production of Sidamo coffee:

Sidamo is a big region located in the south of Ethiopia. And the production of coffee in this region is very much associated with the culture of this region. The process of growing coffee plants, harvesting the coffee, and then processing the beans have been passed down through generations. Therefore, this coffee has steeped in their culture and has a rich history. These are things, which make this coffee more satisfying for brewing and drinking compared to the variants of Brazilian coffee. Almost the entire parts of Sidamo coffee growing areas are located at a high grown altitude. It means, here the coffee grows for longer than average before the cherries become ripe enough for plucking.

What makes Sidamo coffee so special?

The best quality Sidama coffee in United States is unique because of the various fragrances, flavorful taste, and different processing methods. As these beans are grown in the highlands at the elevated lands (around 5000-7000 ft above sea level) between October to January, the growth of these beans is quite slow. Although this slows down production, the slower growth also ensures that the beans can absorb more nutrients from the soil to develop a more robust and complex flavor profile.

The ripening method of these beans is performed more slowly and at a comparatively lower temperature than other areas of Ethiopia, this thing results in a fruity, acidic fragrance in the coffee along with a sweet flavor. And these are the most unique aspects of these coffee beans.
How Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee beans are processed?

When it comes to processing Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans, both natural and washed methods are common. When performed properly, natural processing can add body and fruitiness to these beans. On the contrary, washed processing adds delicate floral notes and critic acidity to shine. Here the cherries are forced through the screens by using a higher level of water pressure. And most of the skin and fruit are removed during this process, only a little amount of pulp remains. Then those beans are left to ferment in the tanks for a day. Therefore, they are removed from the tank, washed, and left to dry in the sun. Once the beans become dry, the existing pulp is just peeled off. So, the washed processing job highlights the body and sweetness of these best-quality coffee beans.

What do Sidamo coffee beans taste like?

Sidamo coffee beans have a complex and delicious flavor profile with some delicate notes of cane sugar and berry that pleasantly linger on the tongue. Sidamo coffees are well known for their citrusy, floral aroma and these beans also have a smooth, medium body. This is why these beans are earthier than other Ethiopian coffee beans with low acidity and a bright finish. Now let’s have a brief guide on how to pair this coffee, especially if you are first time drinker: According to the general rule of thumb, Sidamo coffee beans pair perfectly with fruits, in particular citrus fruit. This type of fruit perfectly brings out all the complex notes of this coffee. So, you can choose to pair a cup of Sidamo coffee with the recipes like lemon ricotta cheesecake and glazed lemon cake bars. But if you don’t fancy citrus, then you can also pair a cup of Sidamo coffee with the recipes like blueberry coffee cake and breakfast snack cake.

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